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Andreas Bergersbacher - Die wirklich wahre Liebe
Andreas Bergersbacher - Die wirklich wahre Liebe,, anhören - geniesen - kaufen bei Amazon: klick hier um die CD zu erwerben! JPC: oder Klick hier

After the release of 2017’s successful ‘Hardline’ album, ROLLINGEXILE return with probably their most sincere work to date, 2019 is a good year, 2019 is the year of the ‘Shadow Hero’. It has been a busy couple of years for the band, what with promoting the ‘Hardline’ album plus several busy jaunts on the European Tour circuit. The writing was on the wall for the new releases when ROLLINGEXILE released the ‘Reflection’ EP earlier this year. The EP contained two new tracks (‘Nevada Midnight’ and ‘Shadow Hero’), plus a remix of the ‘Hardline’ album classic ‘Good Morning London’ and the original version of the ‘Hardline’s’ ‘I Sit and I Wonder’. Both of the new tracks sounded great, so I sat and I wondered (pun intended) about the new album with genuine excitement’ Recorded at Rogue Studios Wembley, ‘Shadow Hero’ comes across as a more honest work than it’s two predecessors. It has a more ‘live’ feel to it, a bit of a ‘back to basics’ vibe. The album begins with the familiar ‘Nevada Midnight’. I still love the guitar that leads throughout this track. It dances around you in a majestic and enticing way. The mood changes for ‘New York Heat’ The emotion in Charlie’s voice as he pleads for help is beautiful. ‘Where Do We Go’ has an almost Spanish feel to it, with it’s gentle acoustic guitar and such an exquisite solo. Title track ‘Shadow Hero’ just gets straight into it. The thumping drum beat and haunting vocals will have you clapping and singing along in no time. The reflective ‘Miss You’ slows things down a little as Charlie sings of regret and loss that can only come with ‘being there’. ‘Miss You’ is a solid number that has all the right ingredients to be a modern classic. My personal favourite is next, the anthemnic ‘Love and Glory’. The track begins quietly and builds quite intensley as you get drawn in to the whole experience. The hair tingling moment of the album comes in at 2 mins 50 sec as the harmonica solo kicks in at just the right time (I actually raised my hand in the air at that moment) and the interplay with the stunning guitar solo is sublime. Chunky rocker ‘Mirage’ commands a listen and would make a worthy single. It’s rocking beat, both steady and assertive, drives this number along delightfully. ‘Take Me Down’ delivers a seductive three minutes of contemplation and admission in a balladesque way that ROLLINGEXILE are so good at. ‘Highway 55’ is another strong track that just flows along and conveys a message of beautiful memories. I love the way that Charlie knows just what to add and what to leave out on tracks like this. The album ends with ‘When You Love Someone’. A song that wouldn’t be out of place on many a successful artist’s album. It is quite stripped down and stunning because of this. A truly wonderful number to finish on. If you are looking for a record with emotion, well written songs and excellent musicianship then ‘Shadow Hero’ is well worth seeking out. The band are touring in support of the album throughout this year in Europe and the USA. Be there, you won’t regret it. Pete Devine 2019
Biography Frontman and Songwriter for ROLLINGEXILE Charlie began his musical journey in Dublin, performing with several bands including the legendary Berlin, not to mention performing several gigs for U2 whilst deputising for Larry Mullins , Charlie also appears in several books covering the Irish Rock scene. Including the U2 book ”Where The Steets Have Two Names” Extract from Irish Rock: "The late '70s saw the height of the punk rock movement. Irish bands such as Dublin's The Radiators From Space, The Boomtown Rats, Berlin, The Blades and The Vipers were in the midst of the new genre..." Moving to London following the break up of Berlin, he began writing and recording new material. During this time his friend guitarist Mathew Ashman from “Adam+the Ants / Bow Wow Wow” brought him into the studio produced+ played on Charlie’s first recording “Move On” Taking a break from the music industry, Charlie made a return in 2010 as a solo artist supporting The Boomtown Rats on a European Tour. After the tour the first album Exile was recorded in 2012 with numerous guest musicians including Garry Roberts from The Boomtown Rats. During the recording Charlie formed a band to tour & promote the EXILE album, this was the birth of ROLLINGEXILE. The Second Album HARDLINE was recorded in 2016 and was well received both in sales and reviews The Third Album “Shadow Hero” is currently being toured in the USA and Europe “Shadow Hero” the new Album from ROLLINGEXILE is the third album release. Shadow Hero was recorded in stages as this would give the album a more live feel, and a different sound to the previous two albums “Exile” and “Hardline” I made the decision to approach the recording the way albums were done in the 70’s, just simply get in the studio, minimum set up, drums recorded with the Glyn Johns mike set up technique. Shadow Hero took a total time of ten days to record mix and master. The tracks on the album relate to real life, living life on the road, touring the world, the people I met, loves lost and regrets, and the close friends I no longer have, but think about often. Tracks like “Miss You” relate to Matthew Ashman guitarist for Bow Wow Wow and Adam and the Ants. “Where Do We Go” is about a long distance relationship I had on the road, that i let slip, and could never find her again.

Rosi & Karl
Radio Music 4 You

Rosi & Karl
Liebe Freunde von Rosi & Karl und Allen die uns kennen lernen wollen Hier kommt ein Gesamt Paket von uns, wo Ihr Alle Infos über uns bekommt. Dazu auch die Links zu den Seiten, wo Ihr unsere Songs Downloaden könnt, wir Danken Euch herzlich. Fangen wir an mit unserer Homepage: Hier findet Ihr Alle unsere Songs bei I - Tunes: Hier findet Ihr unsere Songs bei Amazon: Hier noch die Songs It´s for Rose und Neu Gebo´n bei I - Tunes: It´s for Rose und Neu Gebo´n bei Amazon: Hier findet Ihr unsere Profile bei Facebook: Rosi M Lisi: Karl Pinkel: Rosi & Karl öffentliche Gruppe bei Facebook: Rosi & Karl Gefällt mir Seite: Mit Lieben Grüßen aus dem Saarland, Rosi & Karl.:)

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